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Harding And Carbone, Inc., is a professional corporation with a forty-year history of helping firms manage and minimize their property taxes. During this time, the firm has earned a reputation among the business and tax assessing communities as an effective professional representative of mineral, real estate, and industrial properties.

We have developed sophisticated mechanisms for managing property taxes. When coupled with our ability to spread costs over a large client base, these systems allow us to provide a professional property tax management program at a very reasonable cost.

Whether your property tax needs include tax planning, appeals, valuation or tax compliance assistance Harding And Carbone, Inc. is your first choice for experience and excellence in client service.

  • Size and Scope Harding And Carbone, Inc. is a well staffed, full service property tax firm. We currently represent property in every county in Texas and all 50 states.
  • Administrative Efficiency Our Commitment to the trust industry allows us to offer a full range of property tax related services at a cost much less than that provided by in-house personnel.

Personal Service - always there
As a Harding and Carbone client, you'll have a dedicated account manager to answer questions and provide personal support, a person you'll come to know and rely on. If you get a call from a taxing authority, the only words you need are, "Call my consultant" - we'll handle it from there.

Got a question at midnight? Log onto our secure website for protected access to the information you need. Regardless of the business you are in, you'll find a level of support and involvement from Harding and Carbone that you might not ever have expected. It's one of life's nice surprises.

Proactive technology - keeping you ahead of the curve
Harding and Carbone uses the most sophisticated market and cost analysis systems in the industry, and we license access to all relevant property databases. Our proprietary analysis and reporting systems have been designed by trust officers who know exactly what information property owners and taxing authorities need. In addition to in-depth analysis, our system automatically tracks filings, real and potential appeals, and tax payments. Our technology is designed to act proactively, helping you estimate future taxes, set up accruals, file exemptions,and appeal based on pre-set conditions.


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