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IS Partners is the first and only firm with the “seal of excellence” that is granted to SSAE 16 Type I and II recipients with unqualified audit opinions. The seal is illustrated on the opinion letters in the audit report, and is made available to clients for posting on company websites and marketing literature. The IS Partners Seal of Excellence symbolizes that a client has successfully completed an SSAE 16 audit by an independent authority. The Seal provides assurance to organizations and businesses that the client maintains internal controls to support “in scope” business operations and/or information technology controls.

An AT 101 provides an independent verification that Harding and Carbone has a stable control environment.

AT 101 is an acronym for the Attestation Standard, developed and maintained by the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Specifically for our scope, the AT 101 report addresses the principles of Availability, and the Security of data and checks, from the perspective of business partner risks. A professional service auditor assesses a service organization management assertions of responsibility for internal controls, and provides an opinion on the organization's control design adequacy to manage important business partner risks, appropriateness of chosen framework and criteria, and presentation fairness for our Description of Controls. At the end of the audit, the service auditor issues an important report with their final opinion, our assertions, and our Description of Controls called the "Service Auditor's Report".

AT 101 is the chief authoritative guidance for evaluating the Trust Services Principles and other appropriate framework criteria addressing selected principles, such as COSO and ISO. In today's market, the AT 101 Report is a very helpful in providing transparency to the trusted businesses that Harding and Carbone works with. In addition, it proves that Harding and Carbone's assertions on controls and safeguards checked and deemed be satisfactory when hosting information such as data belonging to customers that they do business with. The AT 101 adds validation for implementing a service organization's internal controls and data security safeguards in accordance with topics important to our customers.

AT 101 Reports are an important tool for corporate auditors for planning risk assessments and audits for the organization. Not only does the AT 101 Report provide important information, but can also offset costs for related businesses, that are less likely to have a need to send their own auditors to audit the service organization.

AT 101 Report

  • Harding and Carbone's website has linked databases that have passed a McAfee PCI-level web application scan.
  • Several of the largest banks in the country have audited and we have never failed a technology audit.
  • Physical and Network policies in place include, but not limited to, restricted and monitored areas, data destruction, tax rate verification, cryptographic keys, and intrusion detection.


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