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On any specific property we at Harding And Carbone, Inc. have the ability to generate appraisals from the cost, income, or market approach. We utilize the most sophisticated income analysis techniques and maintain on-line market data sales information.




Tax Minimization
Perform Appeals
Exemption Management
Audit Support

Return Filing
Tax Bill Verification
Tax Bill Payment
Management Reporting

Secure Internet Allows Management to Access all Pertinent Property Tax Information

By virtue of the volume of property we handle, we are aware of how comparable properties are being valued. We maintain ongoing relationships with appraisal personnel in all jurisdictions where your property is located.

Our goal is to save you actual tax dollars by insuring that your property is being taxed on a fair and equitable basis.

The service is a complete one which is guided by our vision and commitment to providing for our clients.

  • Preparing and filing renditions in a timely manner.
  • Filing "Notices of Protest" with applicable appraisal districts.
  • Conducting aggressive, personal negotiations on your behalf to insure that your property is being taxed at the lowest possible level.
  • Attending Review Board hearings and making professional presentations from an advocate viewpoint.
  • Providing analyses and tax estimates so that you have a clear picture of your tax situation at all times.
  • Receiving and checking the tax statements. Statements are checked for accuracy of value, rate, and description, then forwarded to you for timely payment.


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